PCR Polymerases

 Product name Polymerase Proofreading  Product  overhang  Extension  (min/kb)  Size Application
 GenTaq DNA Polymerase  (#GM008)  Taq  No  3' -A  1 min  Up to 6 kb Detection
 eTaq DNA Polymerase  (#GM008E)  Taq  No  3' -A  1 min  Up to 6 kb Detection (Low concentration templates)
 GenTaq Plus DNA Polymerase  (#GM008P)  Taq+Pfu  Yes  3' -A  1 min  U p to 14 kb Detection Cloning Expression
 gmPfu DNA Polymerase  (#GPU425)  modified Pfu  Yes  Blunt end  1 min  Up to 10 kb Cloning EXpression Mutagenesis
 GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase  (#GM008HS)  Taq+Mab  No  3' -A  1 min  Up to 6 kb Detection Multiplex PCR 
 LongFast Pfu DNA Polymerase  (#GPU4)  modified Pfu  Yes  Blunt end  15-30 sec  Up to 10 kb Fast PCR Cloning Expression Mutagenesis