PCR Polymerases(taq)

2-1-3 GenTaq Plus DNA Polymerase

GenTaq Plus™ is a enzyme mixture of GenTaq and pfu DNA polymerase, it provides more efficient amplification and higher fidelity than conventional Taq DNA polymerase under conventional PCR conditions. In optimized PCR, GenTaq Plus™ DNA Polymerase can result in a six-fold increase in fidelity over
Taq DNA polymerase alone and is effective over a wide range of target sizes up to 20 kb with some optimization. GenTaq Plus™ includes two buffers, one is GenTaq Buffer for PCR product smaller than 6 kb fragment with high fidelity, and the other is PC2 Buffer for PCR larger than 6 kb.
2-1-1 GenTaq DNA Polymerase


GeneMark’s GenTaq Plus

DNA polymerase can amplify products up to 14 kb in length.



Code Qt
GM008-P-250 (5 U/μl) 250 U
GM008-P-1000  (5 U/μl) 1000 U

內附 1 ml 2.5mM dNTP