PCR Polymerases(taq)

2-1-5 GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase

GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase is complex mixture of a thermostable 94 kD Taq DNA Polymerase purified from E. coli recombinant strain expressing Thermus aquatiqus polymerase gene and specific monoclonal antibodies. GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase is inactive under conditions of amplification reaction preparation. It can eliminate amplification artifacts such as primer-dimer formation and mis- priming during preamplification stage and thus may provide improved specificity when compared to standard DNA polymerases. An advantage of GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase is the absence of additional heating step for polymerase activation. Heat activation of enzyme occurs during the first denaturation step. An inactive complex of GenHot Taq DNA Polymerase dissociates automatically over +63°C, allowing activation of DNA polymerase.
2-1-1 GenTaq DNA Polymerase


GeneMark’s Hot start Taq
DNA polymerase 有效減少非專一性產物的發生。


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GM008HS-200 (5 U/μl) 200 U
GM008HS-1000 (5 U/μl)