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Storage of tissue sample. Sample stabilized in RNAfter can be stored at 37℃ for a day, 25℃ for a week, 4℃for a month and indefinitely at -20℃. Sample stored in RNAfter can be used to perform any subsequent applications without being effected.

RNase DNase away
RNase and DNase can be found everywhere! BUT!! To create a RNase-free environment is no more a dream!RNase DNase OUT!!

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Molecular Biology kits Miniprep-Plus
High yield mini column with endotoxin-removal formula, one wash step is enough to give high purity plasmid for transfection!

Unique endonuclease removal Formula effectively removes endonuclease, preventing plasmid degradation when purifying plasmid from EndA+ bacteria strains!!

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